Curtis Wagner Clear Carpet Saver Heavy Duty Square Plant Saucer  16'

Curtis Wagner Clear Carpet Saver Heavy Duty Square Plant Saucer 16'

SKU: 759188165307
Made in USA. These square plant saucers will help protect your hardwood floors. carpets. decks. and furniture from those harmful water stains and rings plants often leave. CW Plastic saucers have a radiating foot pattern on the bottom for balanced support of even the heaviest planter. whether round or square and are a must for indoor or outdoor potted plants. These heavy duty clear saucers easily catch excess watering and soil spillage preventing surface stains and protecting carpets. floors. and furniture. The footed bottom allows air to pass underneath. helping to prevent discoloration of surfaces. provides additional airflow. keeping the plant roots healthy and provides for better plant growth. The square clear saucers mixes and matches with all ceramic. clay and plastic planters/pots on the market today.
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